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Strong Education System is a project strongly wanted and desired by its creators, who are particularly attentive and sensitive to such a delicate issue,such as that concerning the education of children scattered all over the world, especially, as can be easily understood, in the areas and in the most disadvantaged countries.


The Token Strong Education System (SES) undoubtedly has a practical purpose, but at the same time a solidary and beneficial purpose. As specified in greater detail below,

a first concrete help is given by the provision of 4% of each transaction, for charitable contributions.

Token Info

The peculiarity of Strong Education System is that of wanting to obtain
economic and financial resources to be allocated to the weakest,
exploiting exactly the same economic system that turns its back on those
left behind. In the specific case, however, it is thanks to the innovative
world of cryptocurrencies, which wants to supplant the existing system,
that the SES team has identified a new method for making charity. 

Supply: 100.000.000

Decimals: 18


Symbol: SES


Phase 1 (2021)


  • Start-Up
  • Project Design and Creation
  • Token scripting
  • Website Publication
  • Private Sale
  • Airdrop
  • Listing
  • Launch on PancakeSwap

Phase 2 (2022)

  • Start of Marketing Campaign
  • Strong Promotion on Social Media
  • Listing on Coingecko
  • Listing on CoinMarketCap
  • Selection of the first area to Help
  • Selection for the first child to Help
  • Withdrawal of the first funds to be allocated to charity
  • Listing on the first exchanges

Phase 3 (2023-24-25)

  • Further marketing campaign
  • Identification NGO to contact
  • Start of collaboration with NGO
  • Learn the right ways to educate and help children independently
  • Listing on Kucoin and Binance

Phase 4 (in development)

To be defined according to the needs of the holders.

Why children

Children represent our future, which will also coincide with completely different scenarios due to the profound changes of the Digital Revolution. This means that if we want to build a bright future, we must first build the future of children…

why education

“Education and training are the most powerful weapons to change the world ”(Nelson Mandela).

Study, school and education are undoubtedly an essential tool in a society, which serves first of all for personal affirmation but not only, also as a means to improve the quality of one’s life and the community..


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